My Automated Gate Was Opening and Closing Fine Yesterday, But Today It Won’t Move.

Automated Gate – What’s Causing the Problem?

Can You Fix It Yourself?

At Titan Doors and Gates we know just how annoying it is if you have a gate that won’t open. It can make you feel as if you’re home’ security is at risk, and understandably the last thing you want to feel is afraid in your own home.

We never want you to feel that you’re at risk for a robbery or burglary, and we hope that you’ll be able to fix your gate problems on your own. If you can’t get your gate open or closed, Titan Doors and Gates will always try to provide advice or recommendations when possible.

Is It a Minor or a Major Problem?

When a gate isn’t working and yet it worked recently, it’s most likely something minor. This is the case for a sliding gate, swinging gate or any other kind of gate. Most gates have a fuse for protection of the electric components, and when this fuse blows, the gate will often not open or shut. This is usually the easiest fix, and we recommend that it’s the first thing to check when having gate problems. A replacement fuse can be purchased at most local hardware stores, and usually only takes about 15 minutes to change out.

Another easy solution to a gate problem is that of changing out an older battery. Changing the battery in the gate opening can be an easy fix as well. Now these batteries are similar to car batteries, but should be a type that is a “Deep Cycle” type battery. Batteries get old and die out over time, so it’s quite likely that they will have to be changed during the course of owning the home.

Know When to Call in the Experts

Finally, if both changing the fuse and the battery don’t help the gate issue, it could be something more serious like the mother board or control circuitry within the operator. This problem should be handled by a gate professional who can come out, diagnose it and install a new one in its’ place if that’s required. You can call us for recommendations on which experts to call.

Experience and Professionalism

If you are considering automated gates at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new automated gate installations or diagnosing and repairs for one that you currently have installed.

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