The Posts That Hold Up My Automated Security Gates Are Leaning

Tips for Do-It-Yourself Repairs
for Your Automated Security Gates

What’s the Real Problem With My Automated Security Gates ?

Automated Security GatesAutomated security gates are meant to be strong, stable, and durable – if it’s not, then what’s the point of having the gate at all? If your electric security gates were incorrectly installed, or damaged by storms or some type of impact, they won’t do the intended job: keep out unwanted visitors.

Safety Must Come First With Remote Security Gates

  • An automated security gates, with a remote gate operator, can become not only ineffectual when damaged, but could become a danger or health hazard. If the control box is damaged with the gates or the leaning posts, moisture can penetrate the box, and can result in a short circuit of the control board, creating the danger of electrical fire or shock.
  • All automatic gates are controlled by electricity and the motors that operate the controllers to open and close the gates are electrical as well. If you are not familiar with whether your security gates are directly wired to your home’s electrical system or is run from a lower voltage, battery system, then it’s best to leave the problem solving to the professionals. The cost of a technician’s trip to trouble-shoot the problems is very minor when compared to the cost of visit to a hospital emergency room…or worse!

Trouble-Shooting and Repairing Other Storm or Damage Issues

  • Since most automatic security gatesare located at driveways, vehicular or automobile impact damage is one of the biggest issues.
  • Even if the automatic electric gates are still functioning, a leaning or damaged post may cause the gate to become stuck or only partially open. The post may be more likely to lean or become displaced if it is not properly constructed to hold up something as a heavy, moving security gate.
  • We usually find in those situations that simply that the gate support post was not installed deeply enough in the ground or was not secured properly by concrete.
  • The typical method of setting posts for automated security gates is to dig a post-hole three and a half to four feet into solid ground (not loose dirt or pebbles), and secure the post by pouring concrete in the hole around the post. If the surrounding ground is too loose or the post hole is not deep or wide enough, it is likely that the gate will only operate smoothly for a short while, maybe even a year or two. But once it begins to lean, it’s usually not long before your security gate not function properly.
  • Not only will it not work well, if at all, it is likely to burn out the motor in your gate operator if it doesn’t kick off the integral fuse or breaker.

How to Repair Your Security Gates Posts Correctly

  • If you want to repair a remote gate with sagging posts, you must almost always dig up the existing gate post(s) – underground base and all – and reset it to stand straight again. Also make certain that post still has enough length to set it that deep AND re-weld the hinges at the correct height.
  • An experienced, professional installer will have the proper tools and equipment needed to dig a deep enough hole in solid ground and be able to re-weld as necessary. Once the gate posts are installed properly, the technician will want to test the automatic gate to ensure it’s not damaged further and that all parts will function properly to prevent further damage to other components.

Experience and Professionalism

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