Automatic Gate Issues - Why Are There So Many Problems?

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How Can There Be So Many Problems With a Swinging Automatic Gate?

Unfortunately it’s pretty simple. Whoever installed it may not have really thought out the actual installation of the automatic gate very well…maybe because they didn’t really think they would need to.

We hear these questions so many times:

“I have a swing-type gate, and it’s dragging whenever I try to open it. What do you think? can you tell me what you think it might be?”

Only Experience Can Find the Real Issue

Well, a swinging automatic gate that drags and won’t close properly can be caused by several issues.

One of the most recognizable issues is when you look at that post that the gate is connected to, can you tell whether or not it’s leaning? It doesn’t take much leaning to create a real problem.

You know, think about happens with our soil here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, the North Texas area with clay soil. It’s the reason why we don’t have cellars, basements in our houses. The ground in most of the North Texas area is constantly changing and shifting…mostly because of the moisture in the soil.

The gate post could be shifting. If you see that it’s tilted, leaning, that’s what the problem is.

Unfortunately you have a gate post that probably needs to be reset. The good thing is that other than the work involved and the need to get it right this time, it is mostly labor involved.

Just be certain that if you decide to do it yourself, get the supporting post plumb (vertically straight) and deep enough to keep it from happening again. It might be that the post was not manufactured long enough in the first place to allow the post to be set deep enough in the soil. In that event, another post will need to be used so it can be installed deeper.

Automatic Gate Equipment

If the post looks like it’s standing straight up properly (remember that even if it’s just a little out of alignment, then it’s a problem), you might have a weak arm connected to that swing gate. That arm may not be properly sized or it may be that it just needs to be replaced.

We replace a lot of these (called “actuator arms”) because they are not built to last forever. Most manufacturers only have a two or a three-year warranty because of the amount usage of those arms get over time. That can certainly be one of the major problems with an automatic gate not opening properly.

Experience with Automated Gate Issues

If you are considering automated gates at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new automated gate installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you currently have. We can quickly assess the issues and many times will have the products on our vehicles to make immediate repairs to almost any style or brand of automatic gate or garage doors.

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