The Benefits Of Garage Door Insulation

Garage Doors and InstallationGarage door insulation may seem like a less important task on your to-do list but it can actually benefit you and your home in a number of ways. Garages and garage doors are typically completely uninsulated. If your garage is attached to your home this can create a large heat loss which ultimately results in higher monthly utility bills. Even if you simply use your garage to park your car inside, you should still consider having your garage door insulated.

Attached Garages

If you have a garage that is attached to your house then the benefits of garage door insulation are very important. Most garage doors are made of metal. When you couple that with the space that is usually around the door it can make for a huge loss of heat. Your garage is quite large and it actually takes a lot of heat out of your home in the very cold winter months. The lack of garage door insulation along with the temperature difference between the garage temperature and the outside temperature can cause the insides of your garage walls to actually form condensation on them. This allows for mold to grow at a very quick rate.

Detached Garages

If you have a detached garage on your property that is uninsulated this can still be an issue. You may not be draining heat from your home but if you use this area often as a workshop, man cave or recreational space, you will want to keep it comfortable even when the weather turns chilly. This type of structure can benefit from garage door insulation to help keep rodents and bugs out as well.

Weather stripping and other products can help provide a bit of barrier around your garage door but ultimately professional installed garage door insulation is going to help more. Foam garage door insulation is the most popular garage door insulator. You can either cut foam boards to fit your door or you can have spray foam insulation installed.

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