Can Rain Damage Automatic Security Gates

What To Do When Automatic Security Gates Quit Working After Rain

Harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or flooding can cause problems with automatic security gates if the control board suffers a short circuit. This can be one of the main reason homes and businesses might see their electric security gate fail. During a pouring rain is likely one of the worst times for your automatic gate to fail.

Who wants to get drenched trying to open that gate. Not me! You always want it to be working…but especially now! So why is it that so many homeowners and businesses seem to have a problem with their security gates when the weather is bad?

How Does the Water Reach Your Automatic Security Gate Circuit?

Although most security gates have what seem to be water-tight control boxes, water can still find its way into the the box.

One mistake that we find is when a control box has been bent or damaged, This can happen from an accident when a vehicle scrapes or directly hits the box. If the box is damaged, then it likely doesn’t seal properly and may allow moisture or even large amounts of water into the area that should be protected.

We have also seen where an installer located the box near the ground. When the area didn’t drain well, the bottom of the box remained submerged for a while. Because the water remained around the base of the box, it slowly found it’s way around the old, cracked weather stripping that was intended to seal the box.

Design and Placement of Every Component is Important for Security Gates

In almost every instance, we find that part of the problem is when the control box placement wasn’t well thought out. Technicians should always remember to consider these types of possibilities when installing the remote security gate and ensure that the control box is placed in as safe position as possible. Owners should also periodically check that their control box is tightly closed or have it maintained by a professional that will look for these types of issues.

What Can You Do When You Have a Problem with Your Automatic Gate?

The degree of damage to your remote gate can vary widely depending on how much water entered the control box.

If at all possible, we recommend that you do NOT open the control box should not be opened during a rain storm. However, there are the times when the water in the control box will evaporate on its own after which normal gate operation will resume. We suggest, if your automatic security gate is malfunctioning during a storm, that you open the control box after the rain is over and wait for the moisture to escape before contacting a technician.

Failure of the remote gate to operate normally after the moisture evaporates indicates that the control box may have suffered some permanent damage. At this point it’s definitely time to call a professional to assess the damage and help you get your gate quickly operating again.

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