Help! Someone Ran Into Our Electric Gate!

Automatic Electric Gate Repair

It’s Bent Up and A Few Pieces are Loose. Can You Fix It?

Often, Titan Doors and Gates will get a panicked phone call from a homeowner with a damaged automatic electric gate.  Our team strives to give our customers the very best service possible, and in many instances we can go out quickly and fix the problem.  We understand the critical nature of electric gate automation.

If the problem is a minor welding issue, we can usually fix that on the spot. If it is not possible to repair the automatic gate on the spot, we can take the gate to our off-site shop to complete the repairs. If the gate has to be removed, we will attempt to get it back as quickly as possible so our customers aren’t inconvenienced for a lengthy period of time. Once the gate is fixed, we will inspect the gate opener to make certain everything is properly functioning on the gate.

Custom Electric Security Gate Fabrication

If for some reason your Electric Gate cannot be repaired,  we offer a variety of automatic electric gate options that can improve your lifestyle and add convenience.  When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our knowledgeable, helpful technicians who can help you find the right option for your property and provide the customization you want.   

Titan Doors and Gates can customize, build and provide the best gate systems possible for your home and your budget. We will ensure that it matches the décor and still provides the durability expected out of an automatic electric gate.

Experience and Professionalism

If you are considering electric gates at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our electric gate technicians are ready to help you with new installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you have now.

Call us today at 817-984-5593 for any of your doors and gates needs! Electric Gate