Garage Door Installation Cost

Garage Door Installation – How Much It Will Cost Me?

Garage door installation does not necessarily have to be an expensive or time consuming process. Depending on the particular company a garage door installation can be as little as $29. In general it is better to have the door installed by the same company it was purchased from. This often allows the customer to receive a break on the price of the door installation from the company through the manufacturer.

While many large chain hardware stores may offer garage doors and installation as one of their services, sometimes it is better to go to a local installation contractor to purchase a garage door and have it installed.

They type of garage door purchased can help determine how much it costs to install it. Some of the newer and fancier garage doors will cost more to install than the older styles. Standard sized garage doors can be purchased at most chain hardware stores and these are usually the cheapest ones. Aluminum doors generally cost less than the heavier-gauge steel doors. However, the steel doors are less prone to be damaged from minor incidents such as basketballs, etc. bouncing off them.

The most expensive garage door installation comes with a laminated backer made of vinyl. This is the most durable type of garage door, but the cost of purchasing it and having it installed will normally cost more as well.

Composite garage doors are also more expensive to purchase and install. These garage doors are stronger and are built to resist rust, cracking and moisture damage due to more extreme weather conditions, but may not be as necessary in milder climates.

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