Garage Door Installation...DIY or Not?

Garage Door Installation ServiceFor the committed DIY crowd, garage door installation can potentially seem like a project that could be taken on without the help of a professional. However, you will quickly find that the level of expertise and required tools for this type of project go well beyond your appetite for DIY projects.

If you are a homeowner considering attempting a garage door installation, reviewing the following reasons will help you to see why it is best to leave this type of job to a trained garage door technician.

It Is Not A One-Person Job
Having multiple people is safer. Many of the parts are too heavy or large to handle alone, especially with the level of precision necessary for a well-functioning garage door.

Precision Is King
From placing the panels to installing the track, garage door installation requires perfect alignment of all components. This includes measuring exact placements for hinges, brackets, and other parts, as well as accurate leveling of the tracks that the door will be moving along.

Proper Installation Is Necessary To Prevent Binding
A number of errors during garage door installation can result in the garage door binding, or getting stuck against its own track and caught. High quality axle supports and the opener unit being positioned correctly help prevent the problem. One component being off by just a little can result in a door that constantly binds, or does not fully open or close on its own.

Spring and Cable Assembly Requires A Special Touch
Springs must be installed exactly as instructions describe, and a locking cone must be secured. If the locking cone is not installed well, the spring might come loose. The cables will also need to be secured with locking pliers to stay in position.

Final Touches Will Ensure Easy Use
From tightening the springs to staining the door, the finishing details will ensure long-lasting quality from your garage door installation.

A competent, trained technician will adhere closely to these guidelines. It is always better to call a professional to do the job in the first place than it is to have them fix a DIY disaster. It will save you time, money, and lots of patience.

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