Garage Door Repair for Noisy Doors

Garage Door Installation CompanyWhen you have a garage door that is frequently being used, the door itself can start to become louder and noisier as time goes on. This is usually just due to basic use of the door. However with some pretty simple tips, you can perform some basic garage door repair tasks which will help make your door more quiet.

Tighten Hardware

There are many small and intricate parts that make up your garage door as a whole. As the door continuously moves up and down throughout the day, some of the parts; screws, nuts, bolts, etc. can loosen and create some loud noise. Giving your door a once over every so often. Performing some garage door repair maintenance every few months can help the situation. You can go over the parts that you see with a tool to tighten everything up and make sure nothing looks like it needs to be repaired or replaced.


The rollers on your garage door can be replaced to quiet it a bit. Depending on what type of rollers were initially installed, you may want to upgrade to nylon rollers which tend to be quieter.


The belt of your garage door requires lubricant when the door is first installed. This helps the door glide easily over the tracks when it is being used. Over time that lubricant dries and is used up so the door can slowly become louder. You may not notice it at first but eventually you may notice that your door is quite loud. A simple reapplication of garage door lubricant during some garage door repair can help and you will notice a big difference in how quiet your garage door is now.

If you are handy you may be able to perform some garage door repair and maintenance tasks yourself. However the best option is always to contact a professional. They can perform regular garage door maintenance tasks quickly, and will be able to tell you if the source of the problem is something larger that you may not have noticed had you done the job on your own.

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