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In this installment of our articles, we’ll list some of the questions that we may ask. These may possibly help you understand the nature of the questions.

Don’t forget that we do this to try to help you with your garage door problem more quickly… hopefully you’ll find these questions helpful. Although the questions that we include might be typical, remember that the answers you provide will help us determine which direction our questions and help should go.

Typical Questions We Might Ask You About Your Garage Door

CALLER: I heard a loud pop in my garage door and now my door won’t open. Can you fix it?

TITAN OPERATOR: Well normally we can. Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you know if the pop came from the door itself or did it come from the opener?

CALLER: I really couldn’t tell that. I think it was from the door itself because it sounded really close behind the door, but I can’t see it. I am on the outside, so I can’t really tell what’s going on.

TITAN OPERATOR: Okay, have you tried opening the door with your garage door opener?


TITAN OPERATOR: And do you hear the opener trying to work?

CALLER: Yes. But it just hums very loudly. The door isn’t moving.

TITAN OPERATOR: Okay, then typically in that situation it is something with the door. More than likely, it may be a problem with the spring. We can certainly come out there. We can take care of that problem for you.

CALLER: Okay, well what does that involve?

TITAN OPERATOR: We will send a technician out, and he’ll assess what the problem is based on an inspection. If it’s a spring, then he may be able to repair it or possibly have to replace it. He’ll test it and possibly try to run the operator. If the operator is not working properly, he will run the door manually.

CALLER: Okay, thank you. When can a person be here?

TITAN OPERATOR: Let me have one of our technicians be there for an inspection and assessment at…

Our experienced personnel are knowledgeable and courteous… and understand that you need help quickly. We will always strive to have the best available technician for your particular problem at your site as soon as possible.

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