How Does a Security Gate Operate?

What is the Most Common Type of Security Gate Operator?

Does a Security Gate Operate From Electricity?

Yes, almost all security gate operate off electricity. However, that’s usually just the power supply side. Electricity is the catalyst or power that starts an electric motor that then is geared to operate with either a hydraulic piston type opener or a chain-driven mechanism that opens the gate.

As in previous articles, the type of operator or opener is normally determined by specific security gate location factors and repetitive usage.

What Happens if the Electricity is Knocked Out by a Storm or Something?

Most openers actually use a large battery to operate and include the battery(ies) that come with them.

We find that many times when we get called out on a ‘My Security Gate is Not Opening’ service call, we find that one of the problems may include a battery that has just been completely depleted. Batteries are never ‘forever’ despite many manufacturers’ claims.

Of course, these are not like the batteries you would just throw in your flashlight. These are similar to batteries that might be used in your car. However these batteries are normally larger and built for more capacity and cycles. Some models will have a built-in battery charger to keep it charged for longer-term life and better reliability.

What About Solar Cell type chargers? Does Your Company Work on Solar Cell Chargers?

Yes, we do those too.

A number of folks like for us to install these. In effect, these solar panels work very well, but many people don’t realize that these systems must use a battery for the systems to work properly. The solar panels used are many times there just to keep the battery properly charged.

Overall we find that these work extremely well and as you drive around the Dallas/Fort Worth area you can see that many of the systems use solar panels to operate their security gate. However, sometimes when these are the only source of charging the battery, we find that these can also malfunction.

There are several minor problems that can crop up with these systems and it takes an experienced technician to troubleshoot or find the real problem without just changing it all out. Unfortunately, that’s necessary sometimes too if the equipment is outdated or obsolete, but normally only the broken parts are replaced.

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