How Does My Location Affect the Type of Security Gate I Need?

What Determines Which Type of Security Gate is Best for Me?

Do You Need Security or Access to Your Property? … or Both?

Security Gate. In our previous article we discussed the importance of both security and ease of access to property and some of the products that might be used for your situation. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there are multiple reasons for so many types of solutions for the best security gate to meet your needs.

As indicated before. the best type of security gate to be used in a specific location is determined by more than one factor. Not surprisingly, our professionals are often called by owners that are having trouble or continued breakdowns of a security gate that can be traced directly back to the use of the wrong product in the wrong location.

Specific Location or Usage Factors – What’s Most Important?

  • • The slope of the ground area around the gate opening area may dictate what type of gate may be best. Most drives where a gate is located have a slight slope to help control drainage, but consequently the slope may quickly drop off or possibly have a natural barrier that might limit which type of gate would work best.
  • • The width of the drive that a customer wishes to secure can also be an important driver to the type of gate used. If a drive is intended for large truck traffic, then the opening of the gate may possibly be too large for a swing gate to be a feasible solution.
  • • The amount of usage is also a critical component in determining the type of gate that would be best. A commercial application will normally require a gate built for high-frequency usage. An opener on that gate must also be manufactured to stand up to that kind of repetitive use.

Beware of the Wrong Solution!

These are just a few of the specific conditions that our representatives must review and assess to give you an estimate for the right price for the right security gate solution. If an owner is only concerned about the lowest price, then it’s not unusual for a cheaper solution to be made available by another company to get the work.

Unfortunately that solution, based solely on price comparison may compromise both security and/or access at critical moments that cost them much more than the savings of a low price.

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