How Do I know If I Need a New Garage Door Installation?

Reasons for a Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Installation CompanyA garage door can be fairly expensive to replace depending on the type of door. Many people may see their garage door is in disrepair and wonder when they will need a new one installed. There is a difference between whether you need a new garage door or simply need repairs.

The difference could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Extreme Wear and Tear

The best way to know if you need a new garage door installed is by assessing if it has endured any heavy damage. Extreme wear and tear is a big reason for you to get a new garage door. For instance, if your garage door recently was beat up by high winds from a major storm or experienced vehicle damage, you definitely need to consider having it replaced. Commercial Garage Doors that are subjected to high cycle rates (the number of times a door is raised and closed) will definitely require more maintenance and many times need to be replaced more often.

Faulty Garage Door

Serious damage to the garage door could possibly mean that the tracks don’t work anymore which plays a major part in operating the entire door. The garage door opener may be malfunctioning which would make the door impossible to use  without some work.

A faulty garage door that’s not working properly can definitely put stresses on your home’s structural components. You may not see apparent damage, but over time your home could have wood framing members that can weaken, break or even be pulled loose from it’s attachment to other members.

Bad Cosmetic Condition

Another reason to do a new garage door installation is if the door appears to be in bad cosmetic condition. If the door and is rusty or weakened, then they may not work much longer and might lead to a collapse when it’s being used. Call a garage door company immediately! This is a horrible incident you don’t want happening to you or your family, as it could cause serious injuries.

Is This a DIY Project?

The answer is that it can be done by a homeowner. However, we caution you that this project is not one that you may decide it’s the best use of your time…and it’s definitely not a one-person project. In addition the larger the opening, the larger and more difficult the installation due to the sizes involved. You can click here to see the installation of a complete door by experienced DIY contractor from “This Old House”. Remember the word in the previous sentence…”experienced”!

Just as a heads up, some of the worst jobs we are asked to do many times is a call to come out and try to complete an installation of a garage door after someone has tried and failed to do it correctly. Many times we find damaged parts (remember these doors are very, very heavy) from mistakes in installation and must replace these first.

Garage Door installations may not be inexpensive but keep in mind, it could mean keeping your home and family safe at the end of the day. The money you will spend on it is well worth it.

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