Our Slide Gate Doesn't Open or Close Very Smoothly


Slide GateOur slide gate doesn’t open or close very smoothly anymore. It has a herky-jerky type motion and sometimes it won’t even return all the way to the closed position. Can you fix that?

A gate that is not opening or closing smoothly could indicate some obstruction in the path of that slide gate including on the track. That track is a groove shape track and the gate is sitting on the groove rollers that fit inside.

If there are rocks or any sort of debris in the way of that track, that track and that gate will not operate properly on that track, so be sure to clean the track of any debris. Periodically check the tracks to make sure that they are clean of any debris to allow that gate to slide properly.

If your track is clean and you see no other obstructions with the gate, it’s possible that it’s in the control function of the gate that might be causing the herky-jerky motion.

If the gate runs but it stops or reverses, you have to check for the proper functionality and lubrication of the gate and hardware.

At Titan Doors & Gates you can be assured that our professionals will do all the proper testing to make sure that the limit switches are set properly and that there are no open and close issues with the controls within your circuit board.

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