Simple Problems with Automatic Electric Security Gates

How to Troubleshoot Your Electric Security Gates

Why Have Automated Security Gates Become So Popular?

It’s natural to continually look for a combination of comfort and security in our lives. Because of this, many homeowners decide to upgrade to automated electric security gates for their homes. Automated gates provide the best of both worlds…

If you always seem to be in a rush or have a lot of trips and errands to finish then a automatic gate will be a huge help to make your schedule work each day.

In addition, the added security that an electric gate provides is great. Security can be physical or a physical barrier to entry or approach, but implied or psychological security is also a strong deterrent to someone considering theft or vandalism.

When Something Goes Wrong with Your Electric Security Gate, What Can You Do?

Obstructions – If your remote gate ever opens up all right but fails to close as it is supposed to, the first thing that you need to do is to check to see if there is an obstruction causing it. It could be a small piece of wood, rocks or stone particles or even a piece of cloth that could be blocking the gate from moving freely.

Try to inspect the gate for any objects before calling in a technician. It will save you time and may save you some money because you can remove them on your own. Even if can’t get it to work, you will have a better idea of what to tell the electric security gate repair company before they head out there.

Other Possibilities:

Timer Settings – Some automated gates use timers to determine when to close. You might also check the timing to make sure it is properly set. You can probably refer to the owner’s manual to make the necessary adjustments on the control board. The aim here is to ensure that the gate’s close signal doesn’t wait too long to initiate. Also remember to check to see if the limit switch is properly connected. This can also prevent the electric security gate from closing properly.

Do NOT Attempt – You should not attempt to open or disassemble any part of the gate as this could lead to further damage. If the gate fails to perform properly after checking all these areas, you should call a gate contractor that can troubleshoot and restore your gate security. Proper vetting of the candidates should be done to ensure that they have the right experience with the type of gate operator that you have.

Annual Maintenance of Remote Electric Security Gates is Recommended

This can help avoid inconveniences in the future. With mechanical products and systems, you can ever be 100% certain that something won’t break in the future. But an Annual Maintenance Check involves inspection, cleaning, tightening, adjustment and lubrication of all moving parts and greatly reduces the chance of problems that can arise. It can save you a lot of time and probably additional money. It may cost more since you may have to purchase broken parts that are now broken and now must be replaced before an automatic electric security gates can be repaired.

Have your electric gate checked, adjusted and lubricated before the upcoming holidays for only $89.00.

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