Can Security Gates for Driveway Be Difficult?

Challenge – Decorative Security Gates for Driveway

Answer – The Right Professionals Can Do Nearly Anything!

Most customers that are really interested in automated security gates for driveway have a pretty good idea of what they want. They have a specific look or sometimes even a picture of a gate they like. We get some unusual designs for a security gate sometimes, but normally they have a pretty good reason for their request.

We recently completed an installation for a fairly large set of automated security gates. The gates were designed to be a pair of swing gates that were each 9 feet wide by approximately 8 feet tall. The security gate installation process for gates of this size (and of course, weight) is not a project to be taken lightly.

security gates Changes from the Start

When our team came out to install the security gates, the customer had determined that the gates must be installed in a different location. Our team reviewed the situation and confirmed that with a few modifications, the new, just completed gates could be placed where the owner now wanted them. Fortunately, the support posts had to be installed and the concrete footings allowed to set up anyway.

Since the new location was about a foot smaller, they quickly began work to cut the width down on each gate and then modify and re-attach the end pieces that would actually hinge to the posts. When they were finished with the modifications, they re-primed and painted the automated security gates again.

The next morning our team was able to complete the installation of the modified security gates for the driveway at the new location.

Raving Fan

Our customer was so amazed that they had made the changes to his decorative security gates and already had them installed…and he couldn’t tell that any of the additional work had to be done. He was also pleased that the additional cost for the overall project was very minimal.

They recently called to inquire about a new iron fence and an automated pedestrian security gate that can be remotely operated from within their house.

Experience and Professionalism

If you are considering automated security gates for driveway at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new automated gate installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you currently have.

We can quickly assess the issues and many times will have the right products and necessary equipment on our vehicles to make immediate repairs to almost any style of security gates or garage doors.

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