What To Do About a Noisy Garage Door?

My Noisy Garage Door Seems Louder at Night…
What’s Up With That?

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Noisy Garage Door?

These questions are very typical of some of the questions we get from homeowners and business owners everyday. Often the homeowner asks how a noisy garage door sounds even louder at night. The answer is really pretty simple.

garage doorWhy Is My Garage Door So Noisy at Night?

It doesn’t get louder, but it sure sounds that way. Outside noise levels go down as people go into their homes and the noises around you naturally begin to decrease.

That doesn’t mean that your door is worse or that the noises are louder, but it can certainly sound like it.

One of the things that we find is that most people never think to have yearly maintenance done on their garage door. Besides the garage door opener that most people have on their garage doors today, there are several other moving parts and support for those moving parts that need to be checked and maintained.

Garage Door Service and Maintenance Should Include:

  • Inspect and lubricate all moving parts on your garage door:
    • A lot of folks like to use WD-40 on anything that squeaks. Unfortunately, you really do not want to use WD-40 on a garage door because it has a tendency to gunk up and actually cause you more problems. You might get rid of your squeak, but you’re likely to cause and end up with a more problems from the build up in certain parts.
    • We recommend and use special lubrication for all the moving parts.
  • We will check your Garage Door Springs and Cable:
    • Does your garage door have properly rated springs for the size and weight of your specific door,
    • Springs will stretch over time. We check to make certain they are properly tensioned and don’t cause more problems for the other components,
    • What is the condition of the cable on the door? Over time cables also get older and begin to fray and deteriorate,
    • We also check the operating system which again includes the cables to make certain that they haven’t been crimped or pinched and damaged in that way.
  • We will also check your tracks and rollers/wheels:
    • With use, the brackets are likely to become loose. We can check and adjust the tracks that guide the door. Sometimes this can be the problem with a noisy garage door.
    • If metal is clanging on metal, it is naturally very loud.
    • When tracks are out of adjustment, it can cause the rollers to be in a bind as they travel in those tracks and almost produce a squeal that can be not only loud, but almost unbearable to tolerate.

Complete Garage Door Check and Maintenance Program

Fall is a great time to get prepared for the colder winter months ahead. The last thing you want to happen is for your overhead garage door not work when it’s cold outside and you can’t figure out how to get your door to work.

We have a Fall Tune-Up Special for Garage Doors for only $49.95 that takes these concerns away.

Garage Door Openers Can Need Maintenance Too

There are several brands of Garage Door Openers and of course some seem to have more problems than others. But all can produce contributing sound and noises when the garage door is moving up and down. Chain-drive type garage door openers are typically louder than belt-driven ones, but if something is wrong with the garage door opener motor and it sounds strange, it’s normally a sign that the opener may soon be the component that causes the door to not open at all.

If you would like the garage door opener checked or tuned-up, we can do that as well. While not included in our Garage Door Tune-Up promotion above, these are contained mechanical units and there are several moving parts. As we all know, all moving parts can wear out eventually, however it may just require normal maintenance or lubrication. We can check that and quickly let you know if it’s OK or not.

Experience and Professionalism

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We can quickly assess the issues and many times will have the right products and necessary equipment on our vehicles to make immediate repairs to almost any brand or style of security gates or garage doors.

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