What Type of Security Gate is Best For Me?

Does Your Firm Offer
a Custom
Security Gate Solution?

What Determines Which Security Gate is the Right Solution for Me?

Security Gate. Today, most homeowners and business owners understand the importance to properly secure their property, but also want to provide a simple but secure access for family members or employees. A Security Gate is an important part of that solution.

One of the first questions we are typically asked is, “Whose security gate do we use?”

Much of the time, the gate itself is at least partially a custom fabricated gate, built to best meet your individual situation. The solution we provide may include a fairly simple security gate that’s primary function for protection. However, our gates can also be styled to reflect your personality or decorative needs as well.

In addition to the security gate, we will choose an opener that will properly operate that specific gate.

What Type of Openers Do You Provide?

Usually we find that the type of gate is the main factor in determining which opener manufacturer is best for that application. The quality is excellent for all their products if used properly.

We have great success with four primary manufacturers. We install many Apollo gate openers. Also, we’ll use other security gate opener manufacturers such as Liftmaster, Elite and Viking. The reason we use different manufacturers will usually vary based on the size and projected weight of the gates and as well as the method that the gate opens. It can also depend on whether it’s a single swing, double swing, rolling or by-pass gate.

In our next article we will discuss the reasons that there are so many types of solutions for a simple security gate.

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