When Automated Gates Only Open Part Way

Has This Ever Happened to You? How Do Get In or Out?

What Causes Automated Gates to Open Part Way?

When automated gates open only part way, it could be one of several issues.  Before trying to diagnose the issue, it’s important to determine the type of gate you may have. Some homes and businesses use slide gates while others use swing gates.

Tracks and Rollers

If you have a slide gate, it could be caused by a problem with the rollers or the track, which is pretty common.

  • A common challenge we see with slide type automated gates in the North Texas area is that the track for the slide gate must be cleaned off or dug up.
  • Because the ground shifts here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it can cause movement or even displacement of the track that the rollers use for a slide gate. If the track gets moved around too much, then the gate gets in a bind and the motor can’t completely open it.
  • Misalignment can sometimes also cause a chain to be pulled off or even damage a sprocket.
  • We’ve actually had to physically dig a number of these tracks out of dirt. We’ve also removed and reinstalled tracks after leveling the surface so that the gate will slide properly.

It May Also be the Opener

  • If you have an electric opener on that gate, it might be that the gate opener is not functioning properly whether it’s a swing gate or a slide gate.
  • This might be traced back to an electrical issue or an opener motor problem. That must be reviewed by an experienced technician to prevent shock or injury.

Too often we arrive at homes and businesses to help the owner repair an issue and find that someone has tampered with the gate in an attempt to open it prior to calling a professional automated gate contractor. It’s important to call a local automated gate contractor before attempting it yourself.

A professional can ask a few questions and many times help you safely get the automated gate open without further damaging it. Ultimately, additional damage will cost you more money to get it working properly again and the damage repaired.

Experience with Automated Gates

If you are considering automated gates at your home or business, give the professionals at Titan Doors and Gates a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new automated gate installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you currently have. We can quickly assess the issues and many times will have the products on our vehicles to make immediate repairs to almost any style or brands of automated gates or garage doors.

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