Why Does My Automated Security Gate Drag the Ground Now?

Electric Security Gate Stuck Again?

Avoid Even More Problems with Your Automated Security Gate by Repairing It Correctly

Sometimes, a swing-type automated security gate may begin to drag on the ground when opening and/or closing. They can even get stuck in the process of opening and quit working at all. There can be several reasons for this.

Typical Troubleshooting Items for a Dragging Gate

  • Gate Operator is Not Properly Sized
    • One possible cause of a dragging security gate is that the gate is actually too large and too heavy for the gate operator. Whether it’s a swing gate or a slide gate, gate operators must be carefully chosen to meet the specific rating required for the weight and size of the attached gate. Other related problems that can be caused by this is that the cables and limit switches, as well as the automated security gate operator are likely to develop problems over time.
  • Loose or Broken Hinges and Welds
    • If the hinges need adjustment, or one or more hinge weld has become weakened or cracked, your automatic security gate can become nothing but an annoying obstacle that you have to constantly deal with every time you try to open the gate. Dragging causes additional forces which result in damage to the automatic gate itself or the operator, as gears may become stripped when this extra pressure is put on them.
    • An experienced contractor can fix the problem of a sagging remote gate by cutting the original welds loose and re-welding more solidly, so that the welds better support the weight of the gate. Our security gate technicians will have welding equipment with them to repair or re-weld cracked any loose welds or damage when they show up.
  • If the Support Post is Leaning
    • If the problem is not the hinges or the welds but a leaning gate post, a technician can reset the hinge post. Because this is much more involved than the other problems, we will deal with this issue more in our next article.

Remember, if your automated security gate develops problems such as dragging or getting stuck, get it repaired right the first time to avoid additional, and sometimes worse issues later on.

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