Will an Automatic Gate Work for Us?

I’m Tired of Getting Out of the Car to Open or Close the Gate.

Automatic Gates – How They Work

An automatic gate is convenient and many luxury custom home owners have the this  at the top of their list of items when they build or buy a house. Automatic gates make life easier, because rather than getting in and out of a car to open the gate, a homeowner simply presses a button to open or close the gate.

While it doesn’t rain constantly in Dallas/Fort Worth, when we get a thunderstorm, the last thing we want to do is to get out of the car in the rain! An automatic gate alleviates the need to get wet just to enter your driveway. By installing an electric gate you can press a button, enter the driveway and press the button again to close the automatic gate behind you. It’s great to be able to sit in your vehicle, to have the gate magically open!

Automated gates also provide safety and security for your home. Knowing that only you have the remote to enter your driveway, provides a sense of safety. Automatic gates can also have an intercom attached, which means that you will know who’s at the gate before you grant them entrance.

For an automatic gate to work properly, either your home’s electrical service will be needed to be able to run the gate operator or possibly a solar powered gate can be installed. Titan Doors and Gates can review your home and your driveway layout and likely can install solar panels to run whatever type of automatic gate you may have.

The solar panel method is very popular and reliable today for most families that are also energy conscious. Titan will need to determine where to place the equipment and the solar panel that will keep the battery charged will certainly need to face in a southerly direction to be most effective.

If you are considering automated gates at your home or business, give Titan Doors and Gates professionals a call. Our technicians are ready to help you with new automated gate installations or diagnosing and repairing one that you currently have.

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